Thursday, May 24, 2007

Carnegie Mellon University's David Touretsky Caught Faking Credentials As Religious Expert

David Touretzky was caught faking his credentials as a religious expert while being interviewed on CNN last night. Touretzky was making highly inflamatory and untruthful remarks about the Church of Scientology and the Church supported social betterment programs in which many Scientologists engage such as the Narconon drug rehabilitation program and Applied Scholastics, a program to help teach children how to study and learn.

It struck me that having Mr. Touretzky on a show like this is a disservice to CNN's viewers as Mr. Touretzky is pretending by inference to have credentials as a religious studies scholar, yet his only expertise is in computer science. More specifically, he is a research scientist who studies rat brains. His specialty is rodent navigation i.e. which way a rat turns his head when given an external stimulus. He is attempting to map their neural networks in order to create rat-like intelligence in a computer. This has been wholly unsuccessful to date, yet he receives millions in taxpayer money for this type of research project.

Factually, Mr. Touretzky has no expertise whatsoever in any religious or theological field. For some reason he was allowed to go on CNN and rant about Scientology. They were most likely unaware of his history of anti-religious / anti-Scientology extremism and bigotry, his lack of credentials and history of bigoted statements. My real complaint is that he gets booked on shows like this by people who don't do the research on Touretzky. He is then allowed to go unchallenged by commentators.

To fill you in, the dispute between Mr. Touretzky and the Church of Scientology stems from his involvement in a blatant copyright infringement campaign he participated in years ago that violated the Church's copyrights. When he was forced by CMU's attorneys to take down the offending material from his website (located on the CMU computers) Touretzky began an imature campaign of harassment against the Church. Over the years this has included childish acts such as putting up pornographic photos on his website at CMU pretending to depict Scientologists, participating in hate pickets of the Church and his direct support of persons who have in engaged in illegal and/or tortious conduct against the Church, including persons who have made terrorist threats against the Church.

Simply put, Mr. Touretzky a bigot. However his bigotry is not just against the Church of Scientology. He has made some pretty outrageous and disgusting statements of a similar nature against blacks, Mexicans, Moslems, and women. These have been competently documented by Joel Phillips on his Religious Freedom Watch website which you can find at David Touretzky.

Mr. Touretzky has taken to lying that he authored these racial slurs when asked by the media, but the computer logs don't lie and he did in fact make them. As you can see these statements are much worse than what Don Imus said, yet CMU has chosen to ignore his conduct and continues to retain Touretzky. (Maybe they feel this is the sort of thing young adults should be taught.)

Several years ago Mr. Touretzky was also exposed for having used his CMU office phone for ordering sex toys from an outfit in California see David Touretzky.
You can find the invoice, put up by some enterprising CMU students at David Touretzky sex toys. What anyone wants to do in private is their business, but CMU is supposed to be an institution of higher learning and it receives a lot of taxpayer funding. It is not some wacky professor's personal domain.

Professor Touretzky was also forced by CMU at one point to take down bomb-making instructions from his website hosted on their computers. Yes, that's right, bomb-making instructions, complete with how to make a draino bomb and how to blow up a police car. Again, after outrage from various individuals, CMU forced Touretzky to move the materials off the CMU website. Information about this can be found here: David Touretzky bombmaking instructions.

This was once covered in a local Pittsburgh news station which did a story on the Touretzky bombmaking site. Although he claimed it was free speech, he refused to go on camera and answer questions at that time. You can see this piece here:

In my opinion, Mr. Touretzky is not the sort of person that any news organization should be presenting to their viewers for information about a group that he has spent much time trying to demean as all they are going to get is a spew of bigotry. Or, if he is going to be allowed on a show like CNN, it would be very interesting to see how Touretzky responds to questions about the above points.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wow! You Can Get Your Own John Sweeney Ring Tone!

Some enterprising person uploaded the audio file of BBC reporter John Sweeney losing it while visiting with members of the Church of Scientology and trying to do a hatchet job of a show on them. I say hatchet job because when you look at the documentary that was put together by members of the Church, called Panorama Exposed, you will see a whole host of unethical, sleazy tactics that are just not what you would expect from a respected current affairs show.

The audio file of Sweeney's now famous rant can now be downloaded as a ring tone.

Hey, Hey APA, How Many Kids Did You Drug Today?

Child druggings is a shameful, disgusting abuse of children who are being subjected to powerful mind altering chemicals. The psychiatric profession freely admits that they have no scientific test for any so-called mental illness, yet the pharmaceutial / psychiatric industry reaps in billions of dollars each year marketing new "mental illnesses" in order to create new markets to expand their profits. The result is that they are pushing drugs to our next generation all for the profits

Members of the Church of Scientology have been speaking out about this growing epidemic for years and we will continue to do so until those who are engaging in this practice cease. This is why we support organizations like the Citizens Commission On Human Rights.

We let members of the psychiatric profession know what we think about this during their annual convention which took place in San Diego this past weekend. Attended by over 700, the psychiatrists at the APA convention were stunned by the protesters on their front doorstep.

You Can't Run, You Can't Hide, Drugging Kids Is Homicide

The American Psychiatric Association held their annual convention in San Diego this past weekend. About 700 plus supporters from the Citizens Commission On Human Rights turned up to protest and let them know what we think about their mass drugging of children in this country. Psychiatrists have become major drug pushers. It is clear by the number of pharmaceutical companies present at the convention, that the whole basis of this push by the psychs is to make money for big pharma and themselves. Our children are seen as a way to expand the drug market.

The Church of Scientology oppose putting children on drugs under the guise of "treatment" which has become an epidemic in this country.

Inside the psychs could be heard saying, "There's thousands of Scientologists out there!"

Friday, May 18, 2007

Did John Sweeney Suffer From Militant Episode Disorder?

BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney, who was caught on camera exploding at a Scientologist during an interview, triggered a new disorder known as "news rage." Learn about the symptoms. Medical science does not yet know what the cause is.

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Did John Sweeney Suffer From Militant Episode Disorder?

Living in Los Angeles, you hear a lot about “road rage” in the news. After all, we have more clogged freeways than the American Psychiatric Association has mental disorders (which they invent all the time). You would expect that sitting in the middle of one of our world famous traffic jams for hours while you are missing a Laker’s game, there would be a few displays of violent behavior by motorists manifesting accumulated stress.

According to the “authorities” at the APA road rage is really only a manifestation of “intermittent explosive disorder” or “militant episode disorder”. Apparently the psychiatrists have categorized this behavior as a disorder of the brain (possibly caused by a chemical imbalance or an as yet to be identified errant gene) which is characterized by explosive outbursts disproportional to the provocation.

In light of this, I began to wonder about what was really behind the recent outburst by BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney, who millions of people witnessed having a major public meltdown when he was caught on camera going insane while interviewing a Church of Scientology spokesman and the footage was posted on YouTube. Sweeney’s apology, which included the fact that he was dramatizing a regimental sergeant major in the play “Oh, What A Lovely War,” gave me the clue that Sweeney’s behavior had all the earmarks of “militant episode disorder.”

The APA was duly notified and a team of psychiatrists got working on it and in a matter of days solved the problem. They are now proposing a new mental disorder, called “News Rage” as a sub-category of “militant episode disorder” and a cousin to “Road Rage.” This disease apparently only afflicts arrogant news reporters. The APA plans on voting this disorder in at this weekend’s annual convention in San Diego.

The symptoms of "News Rage" are:

  • Experiencing impulses that are impossible to resist
  • Non-premeditated aggression
  • Disproportionate reaction to provocation
  • Alteration in Awareness
  • A feeling of relief or pleasure when engaged in the outburst
  • Followed by a feeling of remorse, then paranoia
  • Accompanied by lame excuses due to delusions of brainwashing

Monday, May 14, 2007

Et voila! Freedom publishes BBC documentary

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Or here:

Wow, new Scientology Documentary

I saw parts of this documentary on YouTube but here is the full story about John Sweeney, BBC Panorama and Scientology: or

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Newest developments: Sweeney found screaming again!

This time at the London premiere of "Wildhogs" with John Travolta:

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Well, all right! If you want to see something inappropriate and weak....

.... you will want to see this weak excuse for pretending to be a drill sergeant. Whatever play this guy was playing in his youth, what he did not learn is any discipline nor any sense of manners.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Scientology And Me

I understand that the BBC is doing Panorama show about Scientology. They did one in 1987 which was a ridiculous attempt to paint a false picture of what Scientology is and the type of people who are involved in it.

I read an article recently that talks about some of the antics that John Sweeney, the reporter who is working on the current show was involved in.

If you want to find out about Scientology, I will post some links on this site that will give you information. For now, please see the Official Scientology site.