Friday, May 18, 2007

Did John Sweeney Suffer From Militant Episode Disorder?

Living in Los Angeles, you hear a lot about “road rage” in the news. After all, we have more clogged freeways than the American Psychiatric Association has mental disorders (which they invent all the time). You would expect that sitting in the middle of one of our world famous traffic jams for hours while you are missing a Laker’s game, there would be a few displays of violent behavior by motorists manifesting accumulated stress.

According to the “authorities” at the APA road rage is really only a manifestation of “intermittent explosive disorder” or “militant episode disorder”. Apparently the psychiatrists have categorized this behavior as a disorder of the brain (possibly caused by a chemical imbalance or an as yet to be identified errant gene) which is characterized by explosive outbursts disproportional to the provocation.

In light of this, I began to wonder about what was really behind the recent outburst by BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney, who millions of people witnessed having a major public meltdown when he was caught on camera going insane while interviewing a Church of Scientology spokesman and the footage was posted on YouTube. Sweeney’s apology, which included the fact that he was dramatizing a regimental sergeant major in the play “Oh, What A Lovely War,” gave me the clue that Sweeney’s behavior had all the earmarks of “militant episode disorder.”

The APA was duly notified and a team of psychiatrists got working on it and in a matter of days solved the problem. They are now proposing a new mental disorder, called “News Rage” as a sub-category of “militant episode disorder” and a cousin to “Road Rage.” This disease apparently only afflicts arrogant news reporters. The APA plans on voting this disorder in at this weekend’s annual convention in San Diego.

The symptoms of "News Rage" are:

  • Experiencing impulses that are impossible to resist
  • Non-premeditated aggression
  • Disproportionate reaction to provocation
  • Alteration in Awareness
  • A feeling of relief or pleasure when engaged in the outburst
  • Followed by a feeling of remorse, then paranoia
  • Accompanied by lame excuses due to delusions of brainwashing


bobdobbs said...

Here is a link to the entire bbc panorama episode part 1 part 2 part 3

bobdobbs said...

In light of this, I began to wonder about what was really behind the recent outburst by BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney,

What was REALLY behind it? I guess he was tired of the Church of stalkertology showing up uninvited at midnight to his hotel and trying to interrupt interviews with ex-scientologist. Also I suppose that being obviously followed around by Scientology goons for day was wearing on him. That would be my guess. What do you think?