Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hey, Hey APA, How Many Kids Did You Drug Today?

Child druggings is a shameful, disgusting abuse of children who are being subjected to powerful mind altering chemicals. The psychiatric profession freely admits that they have no scientific test for any so-called mental illness, yet the pharmaceutial / psychiatric industry reaps in billions of dollars each year marketing new "mental illnesses" in order to create new markets to expand their profits. The result is that they are pushing drugs to our next generation all for the profits

Members of the Church of Scientology have been speaking out about this growing epidemic for years and we will continue to do so until those who are engaging in this practice cease. This is why we support organizations like the Citizens Commission On Human Rights.

We let members of the psychiatric profession know what we think about this during their annual convention which took place in San Diego this past weekend. Attended by over 700, the psychiatrists at the APA convention were stunned by the protesters on their front doorstep.

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tashi said...

Hey mant wackos did u get today?