Monday, July 14, 2008

An Introduction to Scientology

Millions of people are searching the Net for information about the Scientology religion and more new people walked into Scientology churches in the year just past than at any time in history.

Most of them are seeking answers to questions such as: What is Scientology? What is the Mind? Why is Man on this planet? What is his purpose here? How did L. Ron Hubbard come to make these discoveries? What kind of man was L. Ron Hubbard?

Of course, the best answers to these questions would come from Mr. Hubbard himself.

What exactly would he say in response to the question, "Tell us, Mr. Hubbard, what is Scientology? How would you describe it?"

And now, thanks to cutting edge technology and 20,000 hours of the most exacting and precision work, it is possible to get the answer to those questions — directly from L. Ron Hubbard — with the announcement on New Years Eve 2007 of the release of the only filmed interview ever recorded of L. Ron Hubbard, completely restored and available on DVD in 50 languages.

The announcement of the release of this product came at an event held in Los Angeles, California on the 27th of December 2006. The entire New Years 2007 event was then edited, translated and shipped to Scientology churches and missions on 5 continents, in time for Scientologists in nearly every Scientology church on Earth to watch it on New Years Eve.

But as much a feat as that was, it was nothing compared to the work that went into restoring An Introduction to Scientology — a TV interview filmed 40 years ago for Rhodesian television.

The restauration work presented enormous challenges, especially because those working on it were not satisfied with simply colorizing the film. To make it possible for anyone to experience what it was like to see and listen to L. Ron Hubbard, they were determined to reproduce the exact hair color and skin tones, the qualities of the cloth, the furniture, the light in the room. In short the standard they set was that anyone watching this new DVD would be able to experience what it was like to be right there with Mr. Hubbard.

And then they took it even further, seeing to it that sections of the film that where incorrectly recorded — where it was not properly framed or the camera was jostled — were corrected, so the errors in the original film would not distract the viewer. They even had to contend with damaged footage and torn film.

And the result is a film of astonishing quality where anyone can get the full benefit of hearing and seeing L. Ron Hubbard answer the most commonly-asked questions about Scientology and how he came to discover it.

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