Thursday, July 17, 2008

L. Ron Hubbard: First Biography Video

The Church of Scientology published a new biographical video about its founder.

L. Ron Hubbard
as a man who maintained that to know life, one must live life. He lived life from the top down and the bottom up. He saw much suffering and wisdom, and worked for a quarter of a century to bridge the gap between East and West and between science and religion. L. Ron Hubbard has inspired a religious movement spanning all continents and cultures which now includes over 7,500 Churches, Mission and Groups in over 165 countries.

In an effort to meet the unprecedented public and online demand for more information on Scientology, and to answer the question—"What is Scientology?"— the Church of Scientology International has been engaged in a continual pro-active on-line campaign to provide accurate information to inform the general public of Scientology's beliefs and practices.

Its newest addition has been brought to the public on the Scientology Video Channel and the Scientology public information channel on

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Scientology Cares said...

This is a wonderful video! I recommend it to everyone as a quick and exciting introduction to the life of LRH - most people don't realize just how exciting and adventurous he was even before Dianetics and Scientology.